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"Harvest Breed" - my latest novel is out!

My first novel since 2016 has finally been published today! And it features karate action! Harvest Breed is a psychological thriller that also explores the human condition through the lens of 2 characters who are both survivors of Communist regimes in Eastern Europe. It is part murder mystery, part espionage tale, part character study that has been 15 years in the making. The novel's blurb reads as follows: "A probationer monk apparently commits suicide. His sister seeks the truth but the only person who can help her is a troubled man hiding from his own past. The ghosts of the Cold War creep into the shadows of the present in this political and psychological thriller. Spanning five decades and three continents, the story reaches its finale on an isolated estuary island in Western Australia's deep southwest. There, two strangers with linked destinies must learn to trust each other if they are to untangle a complex web of lies - including the biggest lies of all: the ones y

A Cycling Cliché

Most people know the “angry cyclist” stereotype. I’m starting to wonder if it’s more than that. My family and I suffered a road rage incident today. My wife was taking me to a bus stop so I could get to the hospital for a day procedure - and she could get to work on time. My daughter works at the hospital so I was going with her.  We were driving through the morning crush - peak hour traffic in the busy café district of Leederville. As we were nearing the relevant bus stop, my wife stopped at a yield sign so my daughter and I could climb out (there was literally no where else to stop, never mind park).  We had passed a cyclist in a parallel bicycle lane about a minute before. Obviously he’d caught up as I fumbled the childproof lock. “Oh for fuck’s sake!” He shouted as I got out. It seemed he’d lost momentum coming in to the shared part of the road - indeed, horror of horrors, he’d actually had to stop (as if car drivers like me don’t regularly accept the necessity of slowing down to 2