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Nukite: the knife hand of karate

Here are some videos I shot in May regarding the two basic forms of nukite (knife hand) used in karate: The standard chudan (chest level) nukite The standard age (rising) nukite A video discussing the nukite in shisochin kata Copyright © 2014 Dejan Djurdjevic

Another deflection clearly caught on CCTV

I saw this video the other day: The defender is attacked by a fellow who runs at him from a distance with bat or pole. The defender responds by stepping off line inside the circle and moving his hand upward to deflect. In doing so he contacts the shoulder first, jamming the attack at its source. This is known as " cutting the supply lines ". This instantly takes the bulk of the force out of the attack.  This is the favoured tactic of arts like arnis/escrima/kali when defending against weapons: jam the slow moving parts of the body. In aikido terms the approach would be an " irimi " - ie. "entering" - however there is no "turning" ("tenkan") or other "blending" as is typically seen in aikido. The defender also manages to deflect the attack by sliding up the attacker's arm, " slicing " aside the remaining downward action  (probably a high hiki/kake uke or a kind of " steeple block ") (note -