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30th anniversary festival: Academy of Traditional Fighting Arts

I was honoured and privileged to attend and participate in the 30th anniversary festival for our school yesterday.  What a blast!  Over two hours of martial arts demonstrations by all the students of the Academy covering almost our entire syllabus - ranging from karate kata and bunkai (applications), embu (our two person forms), tuide (grappling), throwing, jo and bokken, sai ( tie chi in Chinese), jian (Chinese straight sword), xingyiquan (single and two person forms) and taijiquan. Having not seen many of the students for a while, I was flabbergasted by the improvement in their skill, timing, knowledge, creativity and toughness. They know so much more than I did at their levels - and can execute it under pressure, with power and efficiency and without flinching. I suppose that goes to show that the old saying is true: "Poor is the student who does not surpass his or her teacher"! Those who want to see more pictures of the event can do so here . Speaking of im

No. 5 on Amazon's Hot New Releases!

And just like that, the e-version of my humble Jo book has climbed to no. 5 on the hot new releases list!!! And check out the new review - so mind-blowing!  Thank you!!!

New Essential Jo Kindle Edition

The Kindle edition of my textbook "Essential Jo" has been revised to a "print replica", which means readers can experience the Kindle version in the same form as it is in print. The older version has been taken offline.