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Okay everyone - I've bitten the bullet. I'm not sure why, but I've created a Twitter account. Now I suppose folks can follow my mundane thoughts throughout the day ("Wow, that pasta was just marvelous" or "Phew, got to the toilet just in time" etc.).

Alternatively, you can use it to get notified of my newest blog posts.

My twitter account is http://twitter.com/#!/dandjurdjevic.


  1. I think that the alternative option is the optional one. By the way during those days i will probably order the book you suggested me (Okinawan Karate by Mark Bishop). Thanks again.

    PS1. I don't have twitter(mainly because i am not into the whole social networking thing)

    PS2. Your blog is great.

  2. Thanks Peter. Yes, do buy that book. It is a very good summary of the major systems of Okinawan karate. You might be interested in this discussion, however there is no question that the book is still highly useful.

  3. Keep up the blogging, please.
    You surely will understand that not everyone is following you on twitter, yes?

  4. I think you should read this article, Dan. I believe you will find it fascinating in a training methodology sense.


    Can hard work beat natural genius?

  5. http://www.joannazorya.com/

    I found out today she had died. Her videos on youtube gave me the first explanation of taiji quan that I could make sense of on the subject.

    Her training methodology reminds me strikingly of yours. She also studied in Taiwan, just as you did for a time.

  6. Thanks for that Ymar. I'll look up her videos.

  7. Very nice link to the NewYorker, Ymar. It was an exciting read.


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