Secrets? What secrets?

A while ago I wrote a lengthy treatise on timing your foot to land with your punch.  I called it a "secret".  And given the private mail I got on the subject arguing vehemently with me, it looks like for many it was a "secret" - or at least something totally unknown.

But looking around I see the same technique used commonly in boxing/MMA.  So, surprise: another traditional technique turns out to be nothing more than common sense.  And common knowledge amongst people who actually bother to engage in some form of contact (and not against Michelin Man suited zombies).

Consider this guy's video.  Note his punch (standard kizami zuki, ie. karate "lunge punch".  Note his stance (standard zenkutsu dachi) which is only transitional.  Note his follow up step (straight yori ashi).  Note his finishing stance (straight out of arnis).

And note the timing of his foot - straight out of traditional martial arts as I previously discussed.

Once you get over the "differences" you see the similarities.  And that there are no "secrets" at all: just people who would rather put their heads under a rock.

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