Another award for The Way of Least Resistance!

I just received word that this blog has received the honour of another award - this time selected by Home Alarm Monitoring as one of the "Top 40 Tae Kwon Do Re Mi Blogs".

This is especially an honour since I don't practise taekwondo. I'm glad it has been of some use and interest to those who practice this fine art.

I'd like to thank Allen Wright and Home Alarm Monitoring for this honour.

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  1. As a Taekwon-Do (et al) practitioner, I must say that I find your blog very interesting. It is definitely one of the best martial art blogs out there.

    Unfortunately I found the list of Top 40 Tae Kwon Do blogs mostly disappointing. Out of that list I thought only five to be of value, including yours.

    Nonetheless, your award as one of the "Best Martial Art Karate Blogger You Can Learn From" is well deserved and places you among a host of excellent blogs.

  2. Thanks for your kind words.

    I agree with you that the tkd blog list is disappointing. There are a few tkd blogs I read that I would have put on the list - and many I would have removed!

    Thanks again.


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