A new look!

I thought that it was time for a new look for this blog - one for the 2010s. I hope you like it!


JoRoman said…
Looks good buddy!
Chris Monti said…
Nice updating! Hope all is well down under!
Elias said…
I was kind of accustomed to having all the links and everything to the left of the screen but hey, that's just me :p
Dan Djurdjevic said…
I guess I wanted to put the content before the links - even though I was also accustomed to having it the other way round!
Hey, Dan.

I don't know if this has to do with the website's new design, but my computer suddenly slows down a lot when I come onto your site. I don't know if others are suffering from this or whether this has to do with the design or the incredible amount of content.
Dan Djurdjevic said…
What browser are you running Mohammad? I'm using Chrome and not having any difficulties. I suspect the problem is with IE7/8 (IE9 seems okay too).

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