Coming soon - Dan's first DVD release!

Some of you might be wondering what I've been up to in recent weeks.  Well I certainly haven't been idle!

Rather, in response to countless emails and personal messages requesting it, I've been preparing a very special DVD series:
A comprehensive course introducing karateka and other external martial arts practitioners to functional, practical internal arts methods (not "woo woo"!).  
Ultimately the 2 DVDs that comprise this course provides a complete sub-system for students wishing to add practical "softness" to advanced training within their own art.

The DVDs feature techniques from the hybrid forms of Hong Yi Xiang's Taipei-based Tang Shou Dao (Karatedo) system.  Because of their "crossover" nature, they will have sense of familiarity to karateka, northern and southern Chinese stylists and even Filipino/Indonesian artists.

Accordingly, they are designed to act as a kind of "plug-in" for most traditional "hard" styles, ie. you'll be learning something that adds a new dimension to your art via new footwork, hand techniques and hand and foot timing.  This is packaged in useful solo exercises and 2 person drills.  The second volume will follow with 2 elegant short forms/kata that are half-way between the Chinese and Okinawan arts in their design, and half-way between the northern and southern Chinese systems in empahsis.

The first hour-long DVD - Volume 1 - is to be released for sale within the next fortnight... so check back periodically for announcements!  It will be available for purchase from the shop page on this site, Dan's personal site, the website of The Academy of Traditional Fighting Arts and, of course, Amazon (all at a reasonable cost).

For those in Perth, copies will also be available at Ray Hanas Martial Arts Superstore.

The footage comprising Volume 1 is taken from my 4 hour seminar on 4 October 2015 as well as other sessions filmed before and after.  All up, even the first DVD provides its own, self-contained, detailed step-by-step instructional guide to material that intermediate to advanced students will be able to study from home.

A preview/teaser will come out at the same time as the DVD release.  I'll also be providing some free, longer excerpts on Youtube.  The free material will however not be complete and won't provide detailed instruction.

Copyright © 2015 Dejan Djurdjevic


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