Tang Shou Dao seminar in Perth

Further to my recent article about the "bridging forms" of Hong Yi Xiang's Tang Shou Dao, I've decided to hold a seminar in Perth on 4 October 2015 from 10 am to 2.30 pm at the Lake Nenia Retreat in Mundaring (the Honbu dojo of the Academy of Traditional Fighting Arts).

Anyone who is going to be in the Perth region on that day is welcome to attend.

If you are a karate practitioner, I hope it provides an added angle to how you see your karate as it has for me.  The "bridging form" component of the Tang Shou Dao system is one of the few Chinese arts that crosses over very well into the Ryukyuan arts (and to my eye seems to be heavily influenced by it).

If you are an external gong fu practitioner, this should be right up your alley.

If you are an internal arts practitioner looking for something that gives you ideas of practical applications to your art, then I believe this will also be of interest.

If you are a more modern combat sports or reality-based practitioner, you'll be surprised by the sophisticated science that underlies this traditional art.

Cost and registration details can be found on the electronic flyer (click on the picture).

You can register on Facebook here.

I am practitioner of Okinawan karate (since 1981) who has also been training in the Chinese internal and external (southern and northern) arts (since 1990).

For more detail on the material I'll be covering in my course, go here.

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