An award for "The Way of Least Resistance"!

I'm very pleased to announce that I have made the list of "50 best karate bloggers you can learn from" on the Physical Therapy Assistance Schools site.

I'm number 18 on the list, and the first entry under "Best Martial Arts Karate Bloggers" (as opposed to "Teacher Karate Bloggers", "Student Karate Bloggers" etc.).

I'd like to thank the Physical Therapy Assistants Schools for this recognition. It certainly makes a change from the feedback I've had via certain merchant bankers!

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  1. I think your blog surpasses many of these for the value of your technical content. I practice Aikido and Judo and yet find your blog fascinating. You're on my "Physics of Aiki" blog roll. There aren't too many blogs out there that actually influence the way you do martial arts. Most posts at other sites are about day to day event or personal experiences and have little relevance to the art itself. I look for technical or historical content that deepen my understanding of martial arts.

  2. Thanks Mark.

    You have no idea how much such kind words mean to me at this point.

  3. Awesome! Do you get a badge to put on your blog?

  4. Dan, you don't even know how much I've learned from your blog, or how much it has deepened my love and respect for Okinawan Karate. It is also a bastion for valid, intelligent defenses for the traditional martial arts. You don't find that often. I really do look forward to your blog posts and this is definitely my favorite martial arts blog, if not my favorite blog period.

    Keep it going!

  5. Sadly no, Joshua.

    It would be nice to have a badge!

  6. Thanks so much Josh. These kind words do make writing this blog feel worthwhile.

    I set myself the task of writing this blog because I wanted to explore and explain the intricacies of the traditional martial arts - especially in a world where there weren't too many voices being heard against the "MMA hum". I wanted to be scientific, rational, informative and honest.

    There have certainly been times where I've wondered why I bother and whether I should give it away. But kind words such as yours and Mark's make me feel the need to redouble my efforts so as to justify your support.

    Thanks again.

  7. Congrats Dan. Your blog is up there with the best in any category. Keep up the good work!

  8. Thanks Felicia - I appreciate your continued support.

  9. Well i have been checking your blog and its really great so cheers to that!


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