Another award for The Way of Least Resistance!

I came back from training in Taiwan yesterday to an unexpected surprise: this blog has received yet another award. The Guide to Online Schools has placed The Way of Least Resistance 3rd in the "Favorite Five" of the "The Best 50 Martial Arts Blogs".

They write:
    "Here you'll find essays examining martial arts techniques from a mathematical/physical perspective.
    Why We Love It: Blogger Dan Djurdevic applies an objective, scientific view to his understanding of martial arts, which makes for a very interesting read.
    Favorite Post: Really Using Your Kata."
Now I just have to get off my rear end and write some more blog entries so as to be deserving of this honour (but please give me a couple of days to recover from Taiwan)!

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  1. Welcome home Dan! And congrats on the top 3 spot!

  2. Wow, this is awesome. Somehow we need to get your blog to more martial artists out there on the net. They need the information you provide on here...

  3. Hope, you had a good time in Taiwan and will recover from your trip soon. Congrats to the latest award!

  4. Thanks Jo and Trev.

    Hermann, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and thank you very much for giving me a lift to the monastery. I only wish we'd had more time to get together - as it was, our schedule was quite a whirlwind of activity and it was over before I knew it! I dearly hope one day we can train together. I suspect that there will be plenty such times as I intend to see a lot more of Taiwan in the years to come!

  5. Thanks heaps for your support Joshua - I really appreciate it!

  6. (mocking tone) "Ooh, look at me! I'm Dan! I write things internet people like! Blah blah blah...punching is math...thinking makes me cool...smarty smarty smart! I'm so cool!" (/mocking tone)

    Seriously though, congrats to the big man for well deserved recognition on his work.

  7. Now Quint, the first part is just what I've been saying to all and sundry. How did you know?

  8. Congrats, Dan. This blog is clearly a winner.


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